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  • Ellis House of Fair Haven, Vermont circa 1830

    Grandmas house (read more)

  • Congregational Church, Montpelier, VT circa 1835

    In October 1835, abolitionist and reverend Samuel May was to give a lecture at the Congregational Church in Montpelier, VT. Before he spoke, signs were posted ... (read more)

    Vermont Historical Society
  • Ellis House of Fair Haven, Vermont circa 1830

    This is the house where Barnabas Ellis sheltered fugitive slaves, as described by his son Zenas H. Ellis. Zenas described to Wallingford, Vermont Parent Teacher Association ... (read more)

    Vermont Historical Society
  • Letter of Introduction Sent to Charles Hicks of VT

    This is an example of a letter of introduction, which was often sent with fugitive slaves making their way along the underground railroad. This letter was ... (read more)

    Vermont Historical Society
  • House of Charles Hicks, Hinsdaleville circa 1842

    On this map of Bennington, Vermont is the house of Charles Hicks, a Vermonter who helped a fugitive slave sent to him by Abel Brown, the ... (read more)

    Vermont Historical Society
  • Middlebury College, circa 1825

    William Slade, originally of Cornwall, Vermont, graduated from Middlebury College in 1807. Slade served in a variety of local political offices in Vermont before being elected ... (read more)

    Vermont Historical Society
  • Oliver Johnson's Address to VT Anti-Slavery Soc.

    This is the title page of the address given by Oliver Johnson to the first annual meeting of the Vermont Anti-Slavery Society in Middlebury, Vermont. Johnson, ... (read more)

    Vermont Historical Society
  • Congregational Church, Middlebury, VT

    This is the church where Oliver Johnson (1809-1889), originally of Peacham, Vermont, addressed the first annual meeting of the Vermont Anti-Slavery Society in 1835. Johnson was ... (read more)

    Vermont Historical Society
  • Floor Plan, VT Sec. of State's Office, circa 1832

    This floor plan for the second Vermont State House, drawn by Ammi B. Young, shows the Vermont Secretary of State's Office, located on the Southwest corner ... (read more)

    Vermont Historical Society
  • Possible Family Home of Louden Langley

    Louden Langley was born a freeman in Hinesburg, Vermont in 1836. He fought in the Civil War as a member of the 54th Mass. (Colored Reg.) ... (read more)

    Vermont Historical Society
  • 2nd Annual Report of the Vermont Anti-Slavery Soc.

    A letter written by William Lloyd Garrison to Oliver Johnson and published in the Second Annual Report of the Vermont Anti-Slavery Society recounts a case over ... (read more)

    Vermont Historical Society
  • Addison County Courthouse, circa 1860s

    This is the courthouse building in which Judge Theophilus Harrington of Clarendon, Vermont, presided over the case of a slaveholder seeking to extradite a fugitive slave. ... (read more)

    Vermont Historical Society
  • Vermont State House, circa 1855

    The second Vermont State House in Montpelier, Vermont was witness to a number of events related to the abolitionist cause. In 1835, noted abolitionist lecturer Reverend ... (read more)

    Vermont Historical Society
  • Colonel Jonathan P. Miller, 1796-1847

    Jonathan Peckham Miller was born in Randolph, Vermont, in 1847. He served in the US army from 1817-1821, then entered the Greek War for Independence from ... (read more)

    Vermont Historical Society
  • Thaddeus Stevens, 1792-1868

    Thaddeus Stevens was born in Danville, Vermont, on April 4, 1792. He suffered from many hardships during his childhood, including a club foot. His father Joshua ... (read more)

    Vermont Historical Society
  • Thaddeus Stevens Historic Marker, 1940s

    Roadside marker erected by the State of Vermont in Danville, Vermont, to commemorate the birthplace of abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens. According to the Vermont Division for Historic ... (read more)

    Vermont Historical Society
  • Caledonia County Grammar School

    The Caledonia County Grammar School (Peacham Academy) was chartered in 1795, the third County grammar school in Vermont. Classes commenced in 1797. Thaddeus Stevens, abolitionist and ... (read more)

    Vermont Historical Society

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