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  • Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Uncle Tom’s Cabin: or, Life among the Lowly is one of the most well-known anti-slavery works by an American author. First serialized in weekly installments published ... (read more)

    Amistad Research Center
  • American Slavery As It Is

    Theodore Dwight Weld (1803-1895) came from a family of Congregationalist ministers and was one of the leading architects of the abolitionist movement in the United States. ... (read more)

    Amistad Research Center
  • Thomas Clarkson letter

    In June 1840, English abolitionist Thomas Clarkson was the key speaker at the first World Anti-Slavery Convention held in London. The convention was sponsored by the ... (read more)

    Amistad Research Center
  • Broadside: "Emancipation" by Jacob Emerson

    This small broadside includes a poem entitled "Emancipation" by Jacob Emerson. Emerson was born in Bridgton, Maine, in 1776 and appeared to have lived in nearby ... (read more)

    Amistad Research Center
  • Illustration of Mendi Mission, Good Hope Station

    The thirty-five surviving members of the captives on board La Amistad departed New York for Africa to return home in November 1841. They were accompanied by ... (read more)

    Amistad Research Center
  • Henry W. Williams to Lewis Tappan

    Following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that established the freedom of the individuals enslaved on board La Amistad, the abolitionists who formed the Amistad Committee to ... (read more)

    Amistad Research Center
  • Prospectus for Voice of the Fugitive newspaper

    Born into slavery in Kentucky, Henry Bibb eventually escaped to Detroit while in his late twenties and became an abolitionist. His autobiography, "Narrative of the Life ... (read more)

    Amistad Research Center
  • Appeal to the Friends of Liberty

    Circular produced by Lewis Tappan, Rev. Joshua Leavitt, and Rev. Simeon S. Jocelyn to raise funds to support the legal assistance to a group of Africans ... (read more)

    Amistad Research Center

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